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Dumb tire question. Would these fit?

Mr. Kwak
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At the end of February I'll have planned a cross/adv training. I'm running still the stock STR tires.

I asked the trainer about tire choice and he advised me strongly to changes tires for more agressief cross tires, because the (probably) wet terrain would require it. He sad just pickup an used set, and you'll have much more fun. 


I found some tires from a Crf 450 with low miles. 


As far as I did my research these would fit; but I'm not really into tires and just to be sure: before would these fit? 


*This wintertime I thought it would be nice moment to learn how to change a tire myself. (In case I have to do tube change on the roadside) 



Front 90/90-21 MC 54R Dunlop Geomax enduro s

Rear 140/80-80 MR 70R Maxxis MaxxEnduro


Many thanks in advance 🙏



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They will fit but the rear is on the edge.
For a 140 a 2,5" rim is the ideal and the 3,5 for the T maybe the best option but it has a 5" rim.
It will be harder to get it seated and will also come easier of the bead plus it wil deform and takes away the advantage.
I would go for a 150 rear tyre.
You can go for a good in the middle option because there are a lot of 50/50 tyres out there that are actually more 40/60 ore even 30/70 but still do very well on the road where most of us unfortunately riding more on than we would like.
At the moment i'm running Heidenau K60 Ranger and i'm pleasantly surprised by how they handle in mud but also on the road, cold, wet and dry.
In grass you need indeed more aggressive tyres but i rather take it a bit easy in the grass and have a tyre that is good in the rest and good enough on the road than have a tyre just for wet grass.
You will find out there are a lot of people complaining about tyre noise on asphalt/bitumen but i just accept that offroad biased tyres just are no road tyres and when they handle good i'm fine with it. On asphalt i always have my music on and i always wear earplugs.
Other tyres that will do wel or good are Michelin Anakee Wild, Mitas E09 and based on experiences here Motoz RallZ and Dunlop D908 (next on my list to try) but the last 3 you might want to run with different front tyres.
I ran the Mitas E09 (i had the Dakar) with a E09 and also with a E13 front tyre but didn't like both, the less aggressive E07 i had before the Rangers i also didn't like the front (rear i had the E07 plus) but that's more a 70/30 tyre so not a good choice for wet conditions.
The Dunlop D908 seems to do wel with a D606 or Pirelli M21 front, have to make up my mind which of the 2 i will use with my test after the Rangers.
A big disclaimer: Tyres are very personal and i guess the suspension setup will also be a big part of the best choice.
Any advice from whoever is just a guideline and can be the best or the worst advice, it's always based on everybody's personal experience on their bikes with their setup in their environment and their riding style but always with the best of intentions.

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15 hours ago, Ray Ride4life said:

They will fit but the rear is on the edge.


Thank you Ray for your very extensive reply! I read some post on this forum about the 140 size rear, with the pro's and cons. For a training in the dirt it wouldn't be bad. But I didn't understand that the rim should be more narrow. Thanks 


I'll have these lying here now. I'll try it and see if they fit and how they behave on the road (around the house). If it doesn't work I will try to fix one of your options. (Will read some extra info about the different types and go to a tire shop)


If this rear works I'll just use them for that weekend/training. After I'll change back to the STR, to get a couple 1000km extra out of them. 

And than I'll be looking again into the options you wrote. 


Lots of things to explore! 

I will report if they fitted 🙂

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For an offroad training course those should be great. I wouldn't plan on taking any day long pavement runs on them if possibe but for a specialized purpose and maybe a few days more those should be money. Yes, the 140 is a bit narrow for the stock wheel but since it's tubed it will go.  Id take those in the photos for a few days off-road over the stock tires anytime.

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@Mr. Kwak Agreeing with both the above replies,  those tires will be much better for dedicated off road use than the oem Pirellies.  There have been instances with the 140 rear on the oem rim losing the bead when flat so in case you haven't seen this thread, it would be good to digest this and go into this tire size change with more information.  I agree with Ray in sticking with the 150 rear, but as they say, YMMV. 😉



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Thanks for the replies! 


Yes I've read that tread. (Thanks anyway for bringing it up)

I noticed that the losing bead from the rim was 'after' he had a puncture. I think I'll just have to be careful on the tar with higher speeds but on the dirt I hope this isn't an issue.


I hope I'll mount them next weekend.  

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