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El Girafe

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Howdy Y'all, 

I posted this in an Pro Taper EVO Adventure specific thread, but thought i might start a new one as well given the issue I am having with the stock clutch and brake line. If there is a relevant post somewhere else, please point me to it, I did search but didn't find anything other than the one i posted in. 

I'm 6'7" and picked up my T7 in May 2022. LOVE IT. It already had quite a few updated bits and bobs, but it had stock handle bar and peg height. My first extended ride on the Utah BDR was absolute torture and ended up hurting my back quite a bit from the awful ergonomics. I have since added risers to make up some height, and lowered the pegs. This worked pretty well, but was just on the edge of comfort. The lowering pegs could be a whole other topic.... 

Anyway, I have done a ton of projects this winter to the T7, and the ProTaper EVO Adventure High bars was going to be the last... I swear. The last until my last Camel shipment comes in. I swear. 

I got the other bars off and started mounting up the EVO Highs and realized they were now TOO tall. The clutch line and brake line are both past the point of making it work. Has anyone else had to deal with this? I am guessing i have two options. 1) try to return the now scuffed EVO Highs for the regulars (prob not), or 2) install a longer clutch cable, and even worse, install a longer brake line. 

And... while comfort and all day riding is more important, they kinda look silly that tall. 

Does anyone know the stock lengths of those two cables? I am not even sure where to look for replacements, and while I will tear into it to make this work, I really don't want to. 

I haven't even waddled into the Barkbuster fitment issue. That would be next. 

Photos should show the issue. 





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I know! Its kinda ridiculous. Now that I've slept on it, Im going to do my best to send it back and get the regular version, if I cant then I guess ill have a pair of Adventure High's for sale. 

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