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Bead sealer magic


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Unlike some frustrated DIY guys, my beginners luck with the OUT-EX tubeless conversion has been holding out pretty well since first try. 🫰The front has never leaked a spoke, but the rim has since acquired a relatively minor wonk that was sufficient enough to cause heavy bead leakage. I’m not talking trickles here either, that little ding was barfing air at the rate of fully inflated to pancake inside of a few hours.


  Enter the purple magic of Kleen-flo drive belt goop. For anyone yet to discover this stuff & struggling with nagging leakage, I would highly recommend giving it a go before you frustratedly resort to throwing that tube back in.

   I just deflated, pried back the bead, locally sprayed in a generous gooping & pumped ‘er back up. Soapy spay & submersion tests quickly revealed the desired results. Abracadabra, both leaks gone! Kleen-flo 2, leaky rim-0


   Judging by the gooeyness of this stuff & its intended use, I’d be willing to wager it would also serve any tubeless setup very well to keep your rubber from slipping in low air situations too. It’s now a new staple in my shop bag of tricks.



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On 2/9/2023 at 12:46 AM, katana said:

Is that a 140 rear?

No, it’s the front 90/90. With tubeless I stick to 150 rears

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Another incident of verification, recently flipped reversible  the motoZ dual venture front to even out the wear after another bead leak developed & in the process used this stuff to solve the issue again. Kleen-flo - 3, bead leaks - 0

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So I've tried this trick as well on a repaired taco'd front rim converted to tubeless that would always leak no matter how 'true' I got it (radial runout 0.020")... 2 months on, still holding pressure.

I think I have Yamaha disease...

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