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Fastway Evolution 4 Footpegs


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Not a really a Review as much as sharing my experience. I have had good luck with the EVO 4 mounted on my dirt bike, so I wanted to see if I could fit a set on the Tenere. Fastway does make an Adventure Foot Peg that will fit the Tenere, but it's quite large and the website makes no mention of fitment for the smaller Evolution 4. Piecing together comments from various threads, it seemed as though YZF450F pegs would work on the Tenere, so I took a leap of faith and ordered a set for a 2017 model from RMATV.

The Fastway mounting kit allows for mounting in an upper and lower position, with the difference between the two being pretty minimal - maybe 1/2" or so down and back a little - in the photo below, the "stub" protruding from the hinge point is separate and is inserted in either the top of the peg or the bottom. I decided to mount them in the lower position as I have a low seat. Everything fit well during the installation and I cracked a beer in celebrationūüćļ , that is until I went to move the peg through its swing upward, as if it were folding. The peg makes it halfway thru full folding before the peg body hits the head of the bracket's upper button-head bolt. A Dremel tool to nick some relief the peg body would likely give 3/4 to full folding, but I haven't bothered yet. It is unlikely that the peg would hit the bolt head if it were mounted in the upper position.

If your a fan of this brand of foot peg, it does work quite well - with the one caveat.


Fastway Evo 4 Foot Pegs

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