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RapidBike ECU Question


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Been looking at these for my project bike, 


So I don't think I need the Racing version as I just want a good plug and play unit.


I see on one site they offer it for the 2022 model and have select Tenere or Tenere rally.

Now bar the exhaust is there any reason the 2 would be different? 


I have a camel high exhaust ready to fit

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Why they list the Rally seperately I don't know. Perhaps just because it would come with a slightly different base map pre-installed, which wouldn't matter once the Rapidbike starts to learn and re-write the base map values. 


Choosing between the EVO and Race depends on how far you want to go and how careful you will be. 


The Race version lets you tweak both fueling and ignition mapping.  Yamaha left untapped performance with the ignition mapping to ensure you could pretty much use any gas handy and not harm the bike.  However, ignition mapping is not an automatic feature like the fueling is. You have to change it manually and guessing is not a wise move. You could almost certainly bump ignition timing 2 degrees and still be safe, but that's not a guarantee.  Tie on a dyno with an experienced operator would be the smart way to go if modifying the ignition. 


The EVO will automatically sort out the fueling for better performance. I have an EVO installed on a different bike.  It made a very nice difference and smoothed out the power and gave it a bit of a bump as well. Did cost me some MPG and I suspect the EVO errs towards slightly rich in it's mapping to be on the safe side.  In stock form the EVO is hampered some by the OEM O2 sensor which limits how quickly and effectively the EVO can re-map the bike to a degree. 


FWIW: On the T700 I went the other way and flashed the ECU instead.  I will always opt for a flash versus a piggy back if the option is available.  Dynojet until very recently allowed the end user to customize maps and flash them to the T700 ECU but they have hamstrung their product (Guessing the EPA or Yamaha got on their case) and now all you can do is load preprogramed maps. The ability to modify them was taken away from the end user.  You have to take it to an offical Dyno tuning center for any fine tuning. Which basically makes their product useless JUNK now IMHO. 


The good news is there is 2 Wheel Dyno Works who will flash your ECU for you based on whatever mods you have done or plan to do to the bike and the flash will include changes to Mapping, ignition timing, rev limit, fuel cut, and a number of other things. Just let them know what you want. 

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yes my only issue with re flash is been based in Ireland there are not many who own these bikes let alone tune them


if i knew someone who could do a propper re flash i would consider that option in the long run

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