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Good morning, afternoon and good night depending where you are in the world


Just been working slowly on my new bike (first ever new bike or car). I bought this with plan to just ride it knowing it’s a new bike and don’t have fix load issues on old bike. However, that didn’t happen.


My wife says I have an issue in that I can’t leave everything alone. I like to call it foreplay as I have slowly stripped the bikes clothes off, played with its intricate parts, taken a sneak peak into hidden areas in the lead up to the dirty off-road ride.


My son also wanted christen the bike "Tigger" as this is what my dad calls me since a child (used love reading winne pooh and tigger 2)


So, some housekeeping, apologies for the messy garage:

-          My motorcycle lift is currently a workbench for a 70hp outboard I have to rebuilt for friend.

-          My small bench has VW beetle parts on it belonging to my mother

-          The main wood working bench has my dads 200hp outboard on it having its gearbox rebuilt.

-          Outside is full of steel for my patio Pergola that got delayed last year due to family illness at home

-          Workshop extension for my welding and steel fab is again delayed for same reason.


So that leaves my bike pushed to the kitchen area of the garage for the works (which also is my fishing, gun cleaning and RC model table) Its amazing my garage it packed and most of it doesn’t belong to me. In front of the bike are boxes of toys and books that need to go up into the mezzanine attic overhead. Behind it are all the bicycles for my wife and son and old furniture my dad decided I had to have because he had no more room for them.


Picked the bike up month ago, it’s a 2022 model that was sold at a discount before the 2023 models were in stock. I brought it home on the trailer and then drove it off and into the shed where it resides now.


I like to get to know my bikes, for one it helps work on it if break down and also lets me build a tool kit for it. But more I just like taking everything apart, plan is to do the following

-          Panels off and inspect everything (so far, some wires incorrectly routed or not clipped on right)

-          Remove charcoal canister (leaving solenoid on but pipes nipples capped)

-          Lube up everything inside like seat catch and any dry bolts

-          Take off as many nuts and bolts that I can, make sure I have a tool for it and then put some copper slip and re assemble. Surprised how dry and crusty these bolts are internally.

-          Learn what each connector does.

-          Check and grease headstock, swingarm and wheel bearings

-          Apply corrosion protection on bike, ACF50 inside bike, dielectric grease on elec connectors and then on brakes and outside metal parts I'll use Bilt Hamber as recommended by member here




Parts I have bought and have piled up ready to fit:



-          Heavy Duties enduro crash bars

-          Acerbis X-Factor handguards with T7 mounting kit

-          Acerbis case covers

-          Acerbis chain guide

-          Acerbis Exhaust shield

-          Frame guards

-          Clear headlight guard

-          Advspec sump guard

-          Dash Screen cover

-          Paint Protection kit

-          Rear brake sensor guard

-          Front Fork Nylon bolts



-          Camel Adv Rallye exhaust with carbon tip (1st version)

-          RapidBike Evo ECU

-          Koso Heated Grips

-          Comfy Seats Seat cover (ordered online so not sure is genuine and seems massive for seat)

-          Seat joiner kit


-          Camel-Adv brake pedal (ordered)

-          Foot pegs, either wr450 pegs or ill just weld up some larger peg extenders (Ordered generic one)

-          Tail tidy, DIY mods done (DIY tail tidy done)


Additional extras:

-          Mini Rear luggage rack from Panonian (only for pillion rides when have son on board, we can put small roll bag to act as back rest and some food and change clothes)

-          Enduristan small tank bag

-          Garmin zumo 396 as sold my old gps with last bike (ktm 950 adv and Husaberg Fe390)

-          OBDII adapter to use my scanner in garage


Free extras found in my spares box:

-          12v socket with dual USB (will be wired inside my tank bag)

-          Battery monitor, will be mounted to the right side where plug is for spare 12v socket

-          Found some Chinese flexible LED indicators (hadn’t planned upgrade till found these last night)

-          Tool kit I am building from my large box of bike tools I use to build bike specific kits.

-          Folding  mirrors, not sure if will fit them. had set on my Ktm and were ok but vibrated lot at higher speeds


3D printed parts:

-          Ant bobble head mount

-          GPS mount for bar

-          Tank cap hinge

-          Chain tensioner guide

-          Indicator adapters

-          Rapid bike mounting bracket

-          Have draw up and print some heated grip spacers


Scary when list it all and even worse when credit card came back yesterday was rightly annoyed I let myself get so out of control


So, what I have not decided on yet and won’t know until I have some miles on the bike are as follows

-          Suspension, this will be future upgrade once I know what I like and don’t like on stock. From research it will probably be a K-tech spring upgrade and maybe if that isn’t enough the K-Tech valving kit.

-          Handlebars, I normally don’t change bars again wont know until ride bike for long days

-          Funnel Web pre filter in summer if can find a local supplier.

-          Mod Sump plate to cover swingarm linkage

-          ABS switch to shut abs off as and when i need it no matter if bike is turned on and off again. (think I wont bother with this)


So pretty much a long project that I am trying do when get time. Current situation at home has be prioritising family wellbeing. Once that situation improves I hope get time to work on bike.


I try to add what I feel is necessary and not bling or crap, have spent my evening watching videos, reading ride reports and listing pros and cons from others of each part. I believe I have a good job done and have found balance between protection & weight along with sensible performance upgrades without going wild. anything I can make or do myself I will unless its just cheaper buy that even build.


New Bike day



My mindset



My son and Dads addition



Slow undress


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so today got the following done


- Camel Exhaust fitted (looks class)

- Removed Charcol canister

- LED indicators soldered to original connectors and yesy fitted

- Indicator 3D printer spacers fitted and are perfer real neat design

- Printed heated grip spacer for throttle side

- 3D printed battery holder/plate for the Rapid Bike ECU have ordered

- Tail luggage rack test fitted and ready go 

- Took rear tail apart and did a DIY rear tail tidy and fitted LED indicators to the remaining plastic guard


Found some cheap wr450 pegs online so ordered them up see what are like


Been going over wiring too just figure out what they are


Also picked up some Stainless mesh to do the DIY radiator rad guard


Waiting on Rapid Bike ECU and USB for tank bag before can button tank and fairings on


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Have the comfy seat mesh cover on and looks too big, will need to be modified for a tight fit.


Also ordered up x2 service kits and the Camel-adv brake pedal as i got paid this week

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Not had much time these days even get to garage let alone work on the bike


 so went down for an hour and fitted up the battery monitor, heated grips, usb extension for my tank bag power and gps power 





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On 3/6/2023 at 9:30 PM, BikeBrother said:

Get out your garage and ride the bike....😁


be while before have time get out on it (health issues at home so I need to do my husbandry/fatherly duties)

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Welcome to the forum.   The fact that your garage is filled up with other people's stuff is an indication of what a great helpful guy you are!


Wow that's a ton of mods for your first time new bike.  But like you, I think I have almost as much fun with the bike inside the garage as when I'm outside riding it.

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Evening just seen the post


led we’re from AliExpress and are sadly not stocked but search “flexible led indicator” and loads there


Rapid bike ecu is new to me and it’s been ordered however not arrived yet



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New tail tidy


dint like original and the chipped one was too chopped for ne


so this is a mid tail tidy


bit aluminium and a ktm enduro mini license plate light so all legal but more minimalist than stoxk


indications mounted up higher by drilling stock mud gurd






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Weathrr is awful, wife is resting for mothers day and son is bisy plaing on xbox.


so i was told stop anoying them and go to the shed.


Today have taken  following off and greased them, there was no grease or oil on any of these parts even bearings were dry to the touch. I rang the shafts over a clean hitw cloth and had no residue on them. still easy fix:


- wheels

- swingarm linkage

- swingarm shaft

- front wheel

- headstock bearings


also fitted the following

- gps power and mounts

- HeavyDuties Crash Bars

- Advspec sump guard and had to massage the side to fit with the bars above

- Template made for the 5th mount at rear of the sump guard. I like the advspec guard however regret not buying the Camel adv one as it has 5th mounting point at rear and linkage guard (I'll make on up and fit to my own skid plate)


Once my rapid ECU arrives ill fit that, still waiting on my camel-adv brake pedal its lost in the post from french supplier.


Minute rapid bike ecu is fitted i will re assemble whole bike and ready to go.


Will be using a PPF paint protection film on side panels and rear panels to help keep bike fresh looking.


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Just fitted my XT-(thanks John) will hook up the power when the weathers a little warmer



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That’s a cool looking gps. Meant to be a serious unit 

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1 hour ago, john_aero said:

That’s a cool looking gps. Meant to be a serious unit 

It sort of looks bigger in the pic

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16 hours ago, Lewie said:

It sort of looks bigger in the pic


story of my life hahahahah

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So between an outboard rebuild and home work I got few hours to put Rapid ecu in


a 70hp outboard requiring a top to bottom rebuild. Only pet I had to farm out was installing new liners



left to fit on my own bike


- seat cover properly

- paint protection kit

- side rubber grips

- glue heated grips

- clear engine light after fitting ecu 


was about lock up and then spotted few spares and like crap where these from 


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So wheeled out to the day light just for few snaps





Tank bag with 12v usb socket 


Heated grips



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