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Baja No Pinch Tire Tool - it works


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I just got in and tested the Baja No Pinch Tire tool. It works as advertised. If you are running tubes ( I just installed Outex Tubeless) then  unless you do it for a living, you are probably worried about pinching ( putting a hole) in your tube as you spoon on your tire.  If you carry any tubes at all it is probably just one, a 21" so you can use it in the front or rear. Are you that confident in your spooning ability to know you wont put a hole in the only spare tube you have?  1.8# three piece Baja tool will guarantee you won't pinch the tube because the mechanism doesn't go near your tube.  It is $160 insurance to make sure you or the poor rider in distress you come across doesn't have to limp to a a road on a flat. It only helps with mounting the tire, not taking it off. Also you don't want to use it on a tubeless tire running as tubeless because it can nick the bead. When used correctly it stays away from your rim also, so you don't scratch your beautiful T7 rims.

It works but it is the type of tool you need to practice  with before needing to use it in the rain, at night in the dark. ....if you have multiple bikes you might need different sized axle rods - keep that in mind when ordering.

Comments always welcome.

Screenshot 2023-03-29 232529.png

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