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Motoz Tractionator H/T Mileage – My Experience


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This is not a tire thread – just my mileage with OEM and Motoz.

2021 T7 with 13,000 miles.

Standard size tires used.

I replaced the tubes with Motoz Uber HD on day 1 – I have not had any flats, but these tubes are hard to install and change.  I would use something a little lighter if I was doing this again.

Note, that I changed out tires before they were fully worn out as I had trips planned.  I am now circling back through the take offs to finish them off.


OEM Tires:  I took the OEM tires off after 2900 miles and I think they have about 25% tread left.

These tires had done about 50%/50%, dirt/road.


2nd set:  I put on a set of Motoz Tractionator RallZ that after 2918 miles have about 30% tread left.  These tires predominantly did half the MA BDR and all the NE BDR.


3rd set:  Motoz Tractionator Desert HT that after 2325 miles have about 45% tread left.

These tires did a trip into Mexico.  These are the tires I refitted today.


4th set:  Motoz Tractionator Desert HT that after 4943 miles are toast – have maybe another 500 miles in them.  They have a few cracks and splits in them that do not seem to have affected performance.

These tires did UT/CO/WY BDRs.


3a set:  Refitting the 3rd set (Motoz Tractionator Desert HT) that have 2325 miles on them.


I will be sticking with the Motoz on the rear and will look for something else on the front, as the front Motoz HT is loud, particularly when worn.


Some images of the 4943 mile Tractionator Desert HT taken off today.








Debris inside the front – these Motoz are supposedly tubeless, I was running heavy tubes (and yes, I always use baby powder when assembling).



The HTs with 2325 miles on them that I refitted today.



I use a Nomar tire changer for the road bike tires, but it is only useful as a stable platform and bead breaker when changing ADV tires – gets me off the ground though.





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  I put another Anakee Wild on the front. . Took off the MotoZ Rallz front.  It was too loud.  Still have a Rallz on the rear.  The Anakee rear did not last but 2500 miles.  

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