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Extra Wheel?


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Wondering if anybody has figured out a decently priced rear wheel to have as an extra? I would love to have a narrower rear wheel with a more dirt oriented tire that I can switch over when riding more aggressive stuff, then switch back to the stock wheels when I'm riding more street. Woody's makes good looking stuff but I'm not about to pay $1200 just for one rear wheel! Would be nice to have a wheel I can thrash a bit too, maybe even try out a gummy tire and see how technical I can get

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Front and rear Excel/Haan shipped from off-the-road.de was $1600 US for me last August. Woody's wanted something like $100 less than that to just relace my existing wheels with Excel rims. Dubya was something like $100-$200 more for the same combo. I contacted Warp 9 around the same time and they said they weren't doing T7 wheels. Not sure who else is out there, but I've actually now owned wheels from all three of these companies (not Warp 9), and they've all been great in terms of quality and service.


I think maybe I lucked out with timing...inflation wasn't so bad and the USD/EUR was basically 1:1. It took 1-2 months to get the wheels built and shipped, but at the time pretty much everyone (except Dubya) was out of stock of Excels.

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