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Extra LED Headlight and dashboard stiffener


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Hello all,


thinking about adding an additional light + dashboard stiffener from ET-racing to my T7 - but before splashing the cash would like to know if somebody has bought/installed/ridden with this upgrade and if it's worth my hard earned cash?




LED Headlight Dual.6 YAMAHA TENERE 700 + display stiffener (black nad white) + gps mount | PRODUCTS \ Lights \ Headlights SELECT YOUR BIKE \ Yamaha |


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My opinion is that this be a luxury and not an essential as lights are fairly good. Unless always night riding in forests etc. So only you will know if you an afford it and or if it’s worth it for whatever reasons you like. Cheaper ways to fix the bobble exist. Think it looks nice though. I would buy one if it had an iPhone cradle mount I’m sure the extra light maybe handy too. Not cheap. Hope that helps.

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Completely crazy pricing imho.

The original and imho best solution is the @Camel ADV Anti-bobble head:



Now 27% lighter!The first thing we noticed when we rode the new 700 Tenere was that the gauge cluster looked like it wasn't even bolted to the bike...


Edit: Sorry, just noticed an additional light is included - this justifies the price perhaps.

But I agree with @Noel McCutcheon that it's not needed. If I were to add lighting, it would be a fork-mounted one (since it follows the front wheel/bar movements).

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One thing to consider is that lights that are mounted close to your line of vision exacerbate glare issues. 

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Man alive that better be the most impressive light ever. I would want at least 500yrds of daylight for that money

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