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Acerbis 6.1 Gallon Fuel Tank & Camel Adv tank

Ryan Wassermann

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Will the Acerbis 6.1 Gallon Fuel Tank & Camel ADV Auxiliary tank work together? Are they compatible? 



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Why not as Cory  ( Camel ADV ) directly. I am sure he will be able to supply the information.

I had a Camel tank on my last BMW F800GS. From memory the fuel is drawn into the main tank by vacuum as the main tank draws down.

I guess the Camel tank would have to supply fuel to the Acerbis tank but I an not sure how that would work.



Just watching Cory's install video and the main tank needs to be sealed as in no leakage from the fuel cap.

I would imagine to fit up the Camel tank a vent will have to be fitted to the top of the Acerbis tank with a brass skin fitting or bulkhead fitting.

This would have to be close to the fuel cap so you can get the internal back nut on ( or take the tank off and remove the fuel pump )

Remember polyethylene tanks don't take glue so a fuel resistant gasket will have to be used.

The Acerbis fuel cap would have to be made air tight as well. The whole system then vents through the Camel tank vent hose.

Sounds a bit of a fiddle but ultimately doable if you really want the fuel range without carry bladders or Rotapax.

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9 hours ago, Ryan Wassermann said:

Will the Acerbis 6.1 Gallon Fuel Tank & Camel ADV Auxiliary tank work together? Are they compatible? 




Apparently the answer is yes. A quick search revealed this post but there may be others. Cory from Camel Adv adds more info a few posts down: 









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Quoted from another thread.

Comment from Cory ( Camel ADV )


"There are a couple easy options for plumbing the Camel Tank into the larger aftermarket main tanks.


1) If the main tank has a vent barb on the fuel cap, you can simply plumb the fuel line from the Camel Tank to that barb. The downside is that when you spin the main cap off, you need to make sure the the fuel line is spinning on the barb so the hose doesn't get twisted. If you have a tank bag that sits over the fuel cap, then this method won't work as the fuel hose will be kinked, that will create a vacuum lock, no fuel will transfer and if it gets bad enough, it can cause your bike to stall.


2) You can drill a hole in the top of main tank and install a bulkhead fitting, then a barb fitting into it. You can also do it without the bulkhead fitting, simply by using an NPT tap, NPT barb fitting and petrol rated teflon tape. This new hole needs to be above the fuel level. The fitting can be into the side of the tank but at the top of that side. You'd have to plug the vent on the main tank's cap or you'd lose all of you vacuum and nothing would transfer.


Before you bust out the drill and add a hole in your fuel tank, make sure you know what you're getting into. My comments above are in no way a DIY tutorial. Tanks are HDPE or XLPE and are notoriously tough to patch if you end up putting the hole in the wrong spot. Proceed with caution!"


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