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Modified dashboard


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I recently wanted to modify the dashboard of my T7; in particular I started from a plate found on Aliexpress (I think it's the clone of the most famous Twalcom) to which I added a Yoshimura display+probe to measure the oil temperature, an SAE socket, two switches to turn on the fan and disable ABS, and finally a tire pressure measurement display (TPMS). Above all this, my usual Samsung Active Tab 3 tablet, to which I associated a bluetooth bracelet to drive it, purchased from @7solid_ on IG (it's in Italy).


The dashboard is very usual and connects the lower points of the light with the OEM upper horizontal bar, as well as connecting the two sides horizontally (at the turn signals).


The Yoshimura display accepts only one input (there are models with multiple input signals) and doubles as a voltmeter. The type B probe (suggested here by another user, thanks!) fits perfectly into the right engine crankcase.
The 12V SAE socket allows you to power any compressors or other accessories, with fuse protection.


The switches:
1) the first switch (FAN) sends a negative signal to a pin of the original relay, in order to turn on the fan at will (for example before tackling a strenuous climb)
2) the second switch (ABS) simply disables the 20A fuse (solenoid abs), the first one in the fuse box under the saddle (again thanks to a user of this forum)

I then wanted for fun to choose waterproof switches that also have the indicator light to know when they are ON or OFF.


Finally I added a TPMS to measure the temperature and especially the tire pressure, powered by 12V.


Hoping you like it and resist my rough driving 😄


Some photos below and two video:



Shared with Dropbox



Shared with Dropbox











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Very nice job! Would love to get more details about the sensors and the electrical configuration. Ciao da un bulgnèis immigrètt 🙂

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