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Black Dog Cycle Works Throttle Control


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I installed the Black Dog Cycle Works throttle control this afternoon. After I figured out how to remove the bar end, it was a pretty simple install.

There is a small bolt on the bar end that holds the stock hand guard on, then a Torx 60 to remove the bar end. 

Black Dog supplies, a button head screw to replace the one the throttle control is shipped with. One thing to watch is that you hold the throttle control together while installing it. There are springs inside that will force the plate off the end, and then all the little bits fall out. That would be a disaster. It ships with plastic wrap around it. If you have to adjust after the plastic wrap is removed, just hold the black anodized barrel and silver cover together. It also ships with a spacer plate to help ensure the proper spacing between the throttle control, and the end of the throttle barrel. 


I like the Black Dog quality a lot. I also like that the barrel is knurled. It keeps from ripping up the end of my gloves, like the Kaoko did on a bike I previously owned.


The only trick to this that I saw was making sure that you had a T 60 to remove the bar end. I have one that is a half inch socket drive. The bar end is pretty well in there, so it took a bit of force to get it unscrewed.


To activate the throttle control, you rotate it forward, and then rotated forward again to release it. When properly adjusted, the throttle snaps back cleanly. I am really looking forward to using this to take some pressure off my throttle hand when riding long highway miles.






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Nice write up. Looks like throttle lock is shorter than original bar end. Did you have to reposition hand guard?

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5 hours ago, mcbrien said:

Nice write up. Looks like throttle lock is shorter than original bar end. Did you have to reposition hand guard?

Thanks.  It is a little narrower.  I did note that, but didn’t move the hand guard. There is enough flex in the hand guard that it easily adjusts to the change. 

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Put 100 miles on last Sunday morning.   The BDCW throttle lock was great.  You roll it forward about 1/4 turn to lock, and roll it forward again to unlock.  It has just enough tension to hold the throttle setting, but not so much that you can't easily adjust the throttle slightly, or all the way off.  With it properly adjusted and unlocked, the throttle easily rolls on and snaps back.



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