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Since I’m just about ready for a new back tire, I thought I’d give a little synopsis. 

Front - 90/90-21

Rear - 140/80-18


First off, I have about 1500ish miles on this set so far. Now when I say that, think 50% highway, 50% double/single track with a TON of rocks. The rear gets a little chewed up over here in Idaho. Anyway, I love these, especially the rear. It hooks up so well in the nasty stuff. The front is also really really good off road, and it looks brand new still. What the front isn’t so good at is the highway. It’s not that bad, and if you live in a state that has a 65mph cap, you are good to go with this set. But… if you live somewhere like good ol’ ID, 80mph+, the front gets a little squirrely, more so when it’s windy. Originally I had these at about 30-35 PSI, way way too unstable. Dropped it to 25 and that seems like the happy place for these. Obviously I knew all this when I bought them, I mean they look just like the tires I used to put on my dirt bike. I ride mostly dirt and just use roads to get there so these nailed it for me. Let me know if you guys have had any experiences with these, I’d like to hear what other people think! 

Also, what a price tag!4A3CE0A3-96CC-4991-900B-1772F861FE9D.png.f06e7d425968083602f5745627975072.png

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They are round and black.  The price is damn good.  You can buy 3.5 of those rear tires(140/80/18) for the price of one 150/70/18 Rallz rear tire.   If you don't like the front Tusk, you can try an Anakee wild front tire.   Decent at higher speeds.  

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