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Stedi STK3 7.5" LED Light Bar & Skene IQ-275X


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 Stedi ST3K 7.5" Slim LED Light Bar 




The road to 'enlightenment' for auxiliary LED lighting for my Tenere 700 narrowed to a few choices based on the following criteria:


  • under headlight mount to the lower triple clamp so that they track with the forks vs crash bar mount & must fit within the space constraints of under headlight mounting & maximum fork travel...I use DirtRacks Crash Bars which are not a high mount design & do not provide a protected mounting location;
  • high quality output with wide short to mid distance field of view combined with narrower mid to long distance beam to extend beyond the oem lighting;
  • increased conspicuity with either integrated Daytime Running Light (DRL) function or a separate DRL from the auxiliary lights;
  • quality design & materials, reputable manufacturer;
  • compatibility with Skene Dimmer/Controller with electronic circuit protection permitting always on use with the oem low beam at programable reduced output & full power using the oem high beam or separate switch;
  • <$400
The front runners were the Cyclops Aurora T7 kit (Kent Wa, USA), the Australian made Stedi ST3K 7.5" Slim LED Light Bar sold locally at Overland Garage (Burnaby, BC, Canada $118.99 CDN minus 5% Friday/Bar-b-que discount👍) & as a stand alone DRL option the Skene Photon Blaster Turn Signal Front Visibility Light Kit reviewed elsewhere on my blog here (Skene is owned by Cyclops)...a few other popular options include Baja Designs, Denali & Rigid. The Aurora Tenere 700 Kit is a compelling & well sorted near plug-n-play product backed by a company known for quality, high performing lighting products & good customer service. But when factoring in the low to mid 30% exchange rate for Canadian to US $ & international shipping it becomes a $500+ consideration that jolts me to re-evaluate want vs what will work for my riding, which does not include much high speed or technical night riding.  The Stedi 7.5" is the smallest in their ST3K Slim LED Light Bar series designed for 4 x 4 off-road Outback use but has been adapted for use on the Tenere 700 by Aussie riders. The Skene Visibility System series of high conspicuity LED lighting are extremely bright with 180 degree viewability & add additional functionality when combined with their controllers. If being objectively realistic, on-road conspicuity is likely 50% of my motivation combined with wider & longer field of vision for non-daylight riding to augment oem lighting...I really like to be seen, see the sides of the road & get as much advance warning as possible of anything that might decide to share it with me.
Cyclops Aurora LED Auxiliary Lights
  • The 2" 19 watt Aurora lights use a Cree HFP50 emitter rated at 2,000 lumen/light,1 lux at 320 meters (1,049') and 15 degree optic throwing a light beam nearly 500' (152 meters) can be ordered with or without an amber Halo that functions as a DRL & turn signal when combined with a Skene controller; 
  • The Halo function is well executed, which by the numbers, does slightly reduce output of the main LED, but as per Darryl @ Cyclops, you would be hard pressed to actually see the difference. But when mounted under the headlight it forgoes some of the high visual recognition inherent of a triangle configuration with auxiliary lights mounted wider & lower than the headlight (trains & other safety applications utilize this configuration because of increased optical recognition); 
  • IP68 dust/water rated;
  • R113, R10 TUV and Emark certified
  • 9-30 volt DC input voltage
  • Available as a Tenere 700 specific kit that includes 2 lights, mounts, wiring harness, connectors & optional Skene  Dimmer/Controllers or separate switches;
  • Depending on model & configuration the basic Cyclops Aurora Light Set starts at $225.00 US & ranges from $295.95 to 495.98 US for the Tenere 700 Specific Kit as of July 2023.
Aurora with Halo DRL using Cyclops mount for Tenere 700, photo from Cyclops Website
(They also make a high fender mount kit & crash bar mounts)
Stedi ST3K 7.5" LED Slim Light Bar
The Stedi ST3K 7.5" Slim Light Bar features:
  • 6 Osram Olson LEDs rated at 1,230 lumen configured as 2 floods at each end  + 2 spots in the middle that push the flood beams out at 50° and spot beams at 5.8° to 1 lux @ 269 meters (882')...so not as much output or far reaching as the Aurora lights, but have a wider short to mid distance pattern & narrower spot that has more reach than the Tenere 700 oem dual LED lights for about 1/3 the cost; 
  • Pressure equalization vent;
  • IP68 dust/water rated;
  • Deutsch DT-2 sealed connectors;
  • 97% circuit efficiency;
  • Aluminum housing powder coat finish;
  • GE Lexan lens;
  • Powder coated stainless bracket & stainless hardware;
  • 5700k colour temperature;
  • 50,000 hour lifespan;
  • 10-30 volt DC input voltage  & 1.3 amp draw @13.6 volt;
  • 5 year warranty & claims to be "built to withstand the relentless punishment of the deep Australian Outback" backed up by favourable reviews from Ausie users; 
  • Price is $84.99 AUD with wiring harness kits starting at $34.99 AUD & amber filter/cover at $15.00 AUD as of July 2023...most of the Stedi line-up, including the ST3K Light Bars, is targeted for 4 x 4 off-road use, but do have dedicated  motorcycle & ATV lights.
Based solely on performance & configuration options the Cyclops Aurora 2 light set-up trumps the ST3K 7.5" light bar, but when factoring price & balancing off acceptable compromises the Stedi offers good value & performance for the right application & use. 
Stedi ST3K 7.5" Slim LED Light Bar, photo from Stedi Website
Unboxed - Note the full body length Heat Sinks
Video from Stedi Website of ST3K 7.5" Slim LED Light Bar
The video starts cycling the oem lights up from low to high then adds the ST3K, then cycles down & repeats the up/dn cycle & at 1:03 starts a cycle of switching from low beam to ST3K & back to low (bypassing high beam).
Pattern of a single ST3K 7.5"
Customer Provided Pic from Stedi Website Reviews of the ST3K 7.5" Slim LED Light Bar Mounted on Dirt Bike 
Given it's compact size, quality components/materials & significantly lower cost than the Cyclops Aurora the Stedi ST3K 7.5" provides impressive performance with a reasonably bright & defined combination flood/spot design that augments the T7 always on dual LED low headlights & switched dual LED high beams well. It's worthy of consideration, even for those not on a budget.
Stedi Light Bars Do Not Include Motorcycle Specific Mounts
ADV ENG in Australia sells a specialized under headlight ST3K 7.5" mount for the Tenere 700 for $49.95 AUD + $27.25 AUD shipping to Vancouver, Canada as of July 2023. In part, because the ADV ENG mount costs almost as much as the Stedi light & mounts for the Tenere 700 are relative easy to make, I opted to make my own brackets from 1/8" 6061 aluminum angle stock, left over from another project, that utilize the same lower fork clamp bolt location used by ADV ENG & attach to the Stedi brackets that feature detents to hold the light bar in the set position. Clearances between the mounts & light bar with the Tenere 700 headlight assembly & inner side panel cowlings is tight & requires careful positioning to ensure no contact throughout full lock to lock movement of the forks, adequate up/dn adjustment of the light & to locate it above the fork's 210 mm of travel.  
They are easy to make, only basic tools needed...templates can be made from cardboard, file folders or thick paper to finalize the amount of drop & taper along the top surface to clear  the inside of the side panel surfaces & underside of the headlight assembly during full lock to lock movement of the forks before making the aluminum mounts....see pic below for dimensions. I settled on about 16 mm clearance from the top of the Sedi housing to the underside of the headlight housing measured at the middle which leaves 230 mm clearance from the bottom of the Stedi housing to the front fender & 220 mm clearance to the top of the plastic fork protectors that protrude higher than the fender.
  • Requires 5 mm longer stainless fork clamp bolts (oem is M8 x 40 mm);
  • Is not compatible with crash bars that utilize an under headlight mount location unless mounted to the crash bar via different style mounts.
  • Used stainless M8 x 15 mm bolts + nyloc nuts to attach the Stedi mounts to my custom fork leg mounts
Photo from ADV ENG FB page of  ST3K 7.5" using ADV Eng mounts on Tenere 700
My Custom Mounting Brackets using 6061 Aluminum
Stedi offers blackout & amber model specific LED light bar covers that include a bubble wrap bag for storage when not in use. The amber cover reduces output from 5700k to a warm 2500k providing better visibility through dust, haze & fog whilst reducing eye fatigue. The 1.2 mm (3/64") thick plastic cover snaps easily into place over the light bar frame & has raised inside upper & lower edges for a secure fit. I added automotive rubber edge molding to for a snugger & vibration resistant fit on the LED light bar. 
The amber colour triangle formed by the Stedi light bar & Skene DRLs increases conspicuity noticeably.
Stedi ST3K 7.5" Slim LED Light Bar Wired & Functional
The lights are brighter than the camera records, particularly when viewed level with the light...the picture had to be taken above direct line of sight to prevent washout...50% seems to be similar in brightness to the oem low beam & appears to be brighter than the high beam at 100%. It is adjusted for height to be similar to the low beams & so far no-one has adjusted their rear view mirror of flashed me for being too bright or adjusted too high...have not done any night riding yet.
50% (programmed default level) 
The Stedi STK3 LED light Bar/IQ-275X controller in combination with the bright Skene Photon Blasters/IQ-250-TS controller with flicker & turn signal functions really improve conspicuity! Night pictures & 100% output with high beam to follow...
Video of  Skene IQ-275X Controller Alert Function can be viewed on my blog here
The unique ALERT feature available on the IQ-275X model enables you to initiate a brief, highly conspicuous flashing sequence when you really need to be noticed by traffic ahead. Just tap your high beam switch twice within one second, and the controller rapidly modulates the brightness of the lamps attached to the controller. No matter what brightness you have the lamps set to, even if they're off, they will immediately flash at maximum brightness in a very conspicuous sequence. The sequence takes less than two seconds, consisting of about 4 pulses, greatly improving your likelihood of being seen. Normal application of the high beam or a single tap will not trigger the ALERT! sequence, so it has no effect on your usual riding style. It is easily activated using the Pass Switch at the front of the left handlebar switch cluster.
Skene IQ-275X Dimmer/Controller for use with Tenere 700 & bikes with LED Headlights
  • Skene makes Controllers with alert, flicker & turn signal function & for different applications such as incandescent/halogen & LED oem headlight systems (not compatible with HID lighting);
  • Integration with oem light switch for 100% output when selecting the oem high headlights or with stand alone switches;
  • Electronic circuitry eliminates the need for conventional relays, preferred connection is via a fused & switched oem circuit;
  • Controller Input voltage: 12 - 16 Vdc;
  • Controller current draw (red wire): 15 milliamps;
  • Maximum lamp power: 144 watts (12 amps) each channel, 288 watts (24 amps) if both channels are connected in parallel;
  • Maximum lamp operating voltage: 48 V;
  • Programmable brightness range: 0 – 100% in 10% subjective brightness increments;
  • Default brightness levels: Yellow wire connected to ground: 10%, Yellow wire not connected: 20%, Yellow wire connected to +12 V: 50%;
  • Dimensions: L: 1.75" W: 1.31" H: 0.5";
  • Weight: 2 oz. Installation is quick and easy;
  • Although they are compatible with most bikes & auxiliary lighting systems you should confirm with Skene if compatible for your application...most of the exceptions are noted on their website and/or controller installation & instruction manuals...there are no returns on Skene dimmers that do not work on lights not known to Skene/Cyclops; 
  • Skene is owned by Cyclops (a family run business in Kent, Washington, USA) & provide good technical & customer support. 
  • Detailed instructions are included (see pics below), but installation does require a decent level of automotive electrical understanding & competency;
  • The included posi-tap & posi-lock connectors simplify making solid, reliable connections;
  • Utilizing oem fused & switched power via the bike's accessory connectors is recommended but may involve making up a wiring harness & sourcing appropriate connectors to mate with oem or accessory light counterparts;
  • The Tenere 700 uses inverted high beam polarity (many oem LED headlights use voltage drop to activate the high beam portion of the headlight)...some attempting DYI installation have damaged their ecu by incorrectly wiring auxiliary lighting, switches & relays following conventional norms...if you are unaware of the nuances of the circuitry used on your bike or the task is overly daunting seek professional advice/installation....mistakes can be costly!
Skene IQ-275X Controller  Compatible with Tenere 700, photo from Skene Website
Skene IQ-275X Controller Installation & Instruction Manual, from Skene Website
Power Outlet Splitter Kit for Yamaha Tenere 700 Accessory Connector
There are 2 each oem switched 3 wire (10 amp - 1 ground, 2 switched power) & oem switched 2 wire (2 amp - the left side is wired to the oem accessory outlet circuit) connectors for auxiliary lighting, heated grips or other electrical accessories located behind each of the Tenere 700 front body panels. Prewired power harnesses, splitters or individual connectors to match the 3 position oem Sumitomo .090 waterproof MT style connectors or the 2 position .090 unsealed MT connectors for 16 to 20 AWG sized wire can be sourced online from several retailers like Eastern Beaverebay & AliExpress. A splitter kit will allow for simplified connection & trouble shooting of the Stedi Light Bar/Skene IQ-275X controller & Skene Photon Blaster/IQ-250-TS controller using the Tenere 700 right side oem 10 amp switched accessory plug.
Wiring the Skene Controller,  Stedi Wiring Harness Plug & Power Outlet Splitter
The Skene IQ-275X requires 2 pairs of wires to be connected to switched fused power, so combined the violet & orange connected to 1 of the switched power in the 3 wire oem connector splitter & combined the red (15 milliamp power for the controller) & blue (for inverted high beam bikes like the Tenere 700) to the 2nd switched power in the oem connector. The 2nd splitter plug was used to power the Skene IQ-250-TS Controller & Photon Blaster Front Visibility LED Lights. The white wire uses a posi-tap to connect to the solid yellow wire in the high beam light connector (located on the resin frame next to the headlight - see pic below. The Skene yellow wire is used to select the default brightness of the auxiliary lights (can be adjusted via programming) when the low beam headlights are on...not connected = 20% (what I selected, but reprogrammed to 50%), connected to ground = 10%, connected to +12v = 50%. The only wire I had to add to the harness was a length of black combining the Stedi & Skene ground wires via a posi-lock connector & the other end to the male splitter connector ground pin. Shrink wrap tubing was added to protect the wires.
Tech Tips: 
  • Layout your wiring harness & double check correct wiring & connections pre-installation;
  • It helps to have proper crimpers for connecting wires to the male plug pin connectors, but needle nose pliers work & confirm correct orientation of the pin when inserting into the plug housing to ensure it locks in place & properly insert the rubber seals where the wires insert into the male connector housing;
  • Confirm that the plug harness or splitter purchased followed the same convention as the oem plug for location of ground & positive & that each wire has continuity;
  • Use caution with routing wiring from the left side to the right or near the steering stem & forks to ensure no binding or chaffing, best practice is to follow existing wiring looms; 
  • Additional larger sized zip ties than the small ones provided may be needed.
  • Use of dialectric grease for all plug connectors, posi-connectors & heat shrink tubing for all exposed wiring is recommended.
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Wow. Awesome write up! 


Would you consider making more of the brackets for the Stedi, and sell them? 

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10 hours ago, Fabros said:

Wow. Awesome write up! 


Would you consider making more of the brackets for the Stedi, and sell them? 

They are easy to make, only basic tools needed...you could use cardboard or file folders or thick paper to make templates to finalize the amount of drop & taper along the top surface to clear  the inside of the side panel surfaces & underside of the headlight assembly during full lock to lock movement of the forks before making the aluminum mounts....have updated pic of mounts with dimensions. I settled on about 16 mm clearance from the top of the Sedi housing to the underside of the headlight housing measured at the middle which leaves 230 mm clearance from the bottom of the Stedi housing to the front fender & 220 mm clearance to the top of the plastic fork protectors that protrude higher than the fender...fork travel is 210 mm. 

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