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HDB Handguards fitment issues


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A while ago, I decided to take the plunge and get HDB handguards for my T7 after finally getting fed up trying to bend back my current hand guards into proper shape whenever I drop it. I just recently received it and after test fitting it first found a couple of issues. I've already sent an email their way asking about it, but maybe somebody here has encountered the same problems and managed to solve them. If not, hopefully I solve these issues and this post might instead help some dude in the future if he encounters the same issues.


First off, the kit I received. Noticeably lacking is any form of instruction manual included. I guess it's simple enough that you'll eventually figure out where things are supposed to go, but a manual would've been great.



For the first issue, and based on a quick search here, it's a common one: the brake line interferes with the mounting. I'd hoped that they've manage to address this issue over the past couple of years, but nope, it's still there. The common solution here is to loosen the banjo bolt and rotate it such that the pin is on the other side of the tab, but a hand guard installation really shouldn't include the need to bleed the brake lines.



Next one isn't so common. I've purchased along with their hand guards their T7 specific anti-vibration insert. Wonderful really, can't wait to try them out. Unfortunately, either they forgot to include a spacer or some other part, or the screws are too long, but the hand guards just won't sit flush with the thing even at full tightness. It's hilariously loose. The cones are also not flush with the hand guards by ~1mm. Not sure if it's by design, but it is something you'll notice.



Lastly, and this is a very minor nitpick. but the center clamp also isn't flush with the OEM lower clamps. A bit of Sharpie would probably make it less noticeable, but it's something to keep in mind if you're the type that's fussy with the small details.




Anyway, it looks like I'm crawling back to my bent hand guards until I get this matter sorted out, hopefully sooner rather than later considering I could've bought a kit of my current hand guards 5 times over for the price I paid for this one.

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Just got back from contacting them, looks like they really did send me screws that were too long. They were nice enough to offer to send me replacements for free, but seeing as how it's gonna be an international shipment, I declined the offer since it would probably be faster to just source the replacements locally.

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