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Bad Brake Lines??


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So about a year ago I brought Goodridge lines for my bike and to be honest the whole experience was terrible, lines weren’t right didn’t fit properly and to be honest I was left shocked from the poor service from Goodridge. I ended up not fitting the rear kit and getting a full refund on both front and rear kits. The front kit did fit but I have notice a change in colour of the clear lines. Please see pictures.

The bike is stored inside and not left out in the sun for long periods so I don’t believe it to be UV damage. To me it looks like the same colour as brake fluid! 
Before I dismantle has anyone has this too. It looks like the brake fluid has bled through the inner pipe, then outside of the stainless weave and trapped between the outer hose. It doesn’t look great and I think it needs to be addressed as any leak like this can only be a bad thing if it is the case. Any experience of similar would be welcomed 



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I feel like if it was a leak it would burst through the outer cover pretty quick. 

Reckon I'd still change em though if I felt they were dodgy. Id Never be able to relax again 

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I don't have experience with these lines, but I can't see how fluid between the outer, what looks like protective casing, and the stainless braid itself is acceptable and not a problem. How could it have gotten there if not for a leak? Brakes are too important on a bike; I wouldn't live with that.

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I have contacted Goodridge and sent them the pictures so I’ll feedback what response I get. Agree with above concerns… I think regardless they need to come off, just not worth the risk. Honestly I’m shocked how this company got such a positive reputation! Years of heritage involved in brake systems and honestly from my experience they are simply useless…..They still only offer the rear hose kit as a single line from calliper to cylinder since I brought the problems to them about the rear kit not fitting properly. 

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