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Rear End Noise


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Hello everyone, I have a Tenere 700 World Raid 2022 ,currently with 1800km. After 1000km I noticed a high frequency sound from the rear wheel area. It appears at 65kmh and then again above 110kmh. It is especially louder when I ride with a passenger. The chain is lubed and with correct slack. Also I have the rear wheel axle nut torqued to spec at 105Nm.  The noise is the same with the video below.  I have checked and ruled out the chain, so its either the tyre or the bearings. Does anyone has the same problem and knows the solution? 


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I would check your bearings first for any free play with your hands at 12 and 6 o'clock and 9 and 3 o'clock then take the wheel out and check the bearing in the drive hub, clean the spacers and contact areas.

Also check the rear disc rotor bolts for tightness, if that is OK have a play with tyre pressures and see if the sound changes, if it does you have your answer.  

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