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Lithium Ion Battery

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Hi guys,  can you just drop one in?  They save 2kg.


I heard that Lithium Batteries have a different charging rate and max voltage and are NOT interchangeable with Lead Acid unless the battery has its own built-in charge controller.


One Australian on the " Yamaha T7 Tenere 700 World Raid - Global Group" called me silly for asking this question, but AFAIK the bike (eg KTM) has to be designed for the Lithium Battery.  It is not so simple as to drop the battery in, is it??  Or am i indeed being silly?


Don't want my New Best Friend catching fire like a Dreamliner....



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I put Lithium batteries in every bike that I own. YOu can put an lithium in any bike, no issues.  Dropping weight is like adding more power, actually better than adding more power because it actually reduces strain on your engine. 


Here is a link to a ton of em on Amazon Link Lithium Batteries



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