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Rear Brake Pads Fitment

Noel McCutcheon

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How to DIY change replace your rear brake pads video. This is on UK/ Europe bike, I believe, all World bikes are the same.


1. Push piston back

2. Remove R clip from retaining Pin.

3. Punch / bang knock out pin note it has a unusual retaining spring collet so you have to hit it with sharp bangs.

4. Lift olds pads out, slide new ones in

5. Push Pin back in and bang bash it fully back in, so that the collet snaps back in

6. Put push R clip back into the retaining pin, make sure pin is fully home and you can see the hole for the R clip.



I used Brembo (Sinter) 07BB02SP. You can also use EBC (Organic) FA213 or EBC (R Series Sintered) FA208R👍


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