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OEM Center Stand, Radiator Guard, Chain Guide...


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Literally screwing around yesterday for days/hours… I finally acquired (ordered June 10th, received July 29th) my OEM accessories. Radiator guard, center stand and chain guide. This allowed me to finally/also install the lower Hepco and Becker engine guard. Now that the center stand is installed, I can finally remove and replace the OEM shock with the Rally Raid spring this week. 


I actually had to pay my dealer to get the center stand springs mounted as I had no figure-able / creative, clean way to get them on. It took three guys and a tie down strap to pull them on, I guess I could of tried that. The instructions say get a friend and a rope LOL. (or use a spring tool ?) which I don't have. Note: the techs were amazed at how big the spring was. 


The instructions on the radiator guard were ok but the drawings were too small and not great and took a bit of deciphering for me to figure it out as far as the brake line remove and replacement. 

Of course the last and easiest thing to install was the chain guide.


I discovered a few of the thin aluminum radiator channels were already slightly bent with the stock plastic guard probably due to small rocks getting through the larger channels of the stock guard, so I do recommend installing the new guard to try and prevent this from happening. 


What I found interesting is that all the holes are there for these parts meaning they left out the accessories to lower the cost of the bike… duh. I would have preferred to have the option to pick which specific parts I really wanted installed at the time of purchase/delivery. I can see why the cost of the aftermarket rally kit was slightly more because of the time it takes to install these parts, but I do know that all the parts were not available at the time of the original promotion/delivery and would have had to taken the bike back in for the installation, or so it seems. I am not absolutely sure that Yamaha would have paid for the labor at that point. Other wise my point is moot. 


One thing I found is that you have to be really careful on the placement of the washers, spacers and bolts that required for all of these parts. If you are not much of a mechanic as I am not, you might consider having/paying the dealer figure it out for you as the instructions mention. 


I really like the Hepco and Becker hand guards as they leave the aesthetic of the OEM guards which yes, I like and and don’t take up space on the handlebar but do attach/mount to the head/handlebar holder. All of the H&B parts appear very strong and well engineered and I had no issues fitting them on the bike as the tolerances were exact. The paint also seems very good and thick. 


I was seriously considering the BarkBusters, but at the time of need, they were all “stuck in customs” out of stock and opted for the more expensive H&B solution. I am glad I did.


More later…


















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Well kitted out, nice job! 


As for the centre stand install and springs, all I did was put two heavyduty zip-ties on the end of a wrench and tied to the spring hook, then pull the springs into place, took less than 1min and I was on my own, easy as cake. For all the Yamaha parts, the instructions have been very clear, just measure the bolts to put the right size in the right slot


I did just lowside the bike on the centre stand tab side, and it pushed up and into the swingarm, it also touches the chain guide which has taken a bit of plastic off it. Off-road, that sticking out tab, does snag on things, so watch out, also when taking the bike off the center stand, watch your shins, if they are close to the bike that stand tab will plow through it with the force of God

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