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Under $100, 5 Minute Amazon Exhaust + Pipe Install


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Hey guys. So Been reading on Facebook about a possible fix for the fun issue's we're all having with the stock exhaust, and I think I have a (temporary) solution! It uses a cheap exhaust and pipe from Amazon and reuses the bolts already on the bike. Now it is like pretty small comparatively, but hey it works for me and the change in performance is negligible.


All you need is a monkey wrench, one 8mm hex and one 6mm hex key.


(Imgur link for mobile)



(pardon the crappy camera)


Full Disclosure:


-This is a North American bike. 


-The pipe spring does sit close to the pillion bracket, and the mid pipe also sits close to the back of the swing arm.


-I haven't taken this off-road yet so I don't know how well it will actually hold up to being dropped on, but for the time being this fix works for me  while I commute, and I also enjoy the savings in weight.


ALRIGHT! So  if you're still interested, then here's the items needed for this install:



The install is pretty straightforward, just need one 8mm and a monkey wrench to loosen the hangar nut. 




I forget the exact mm for the wrench, but I just used a monkey wrench to clamp the back nut down while I used the 8mm hex key to loosen the hangar bolt out. It's in there pretty damn tight, so make sure you got a hex key that's not doodoo. Then with a 6mm hex, loosen the bottom exhaust clamp. The nut on the clamp is welded, so you don't need to work as hard to remove this bolt.


Before you put the pipe on the bike, be sure to put the springs on it first. It comes with two pieces if you want to weld where the springs go closer to the bike, but I found the placement it has works with the exhaust. I just used a small hex key to stretch the spring onto the pipe. It works as is but it's a bit stretched.




(I have the OEM rear rack, so that adds about 5mm to the pillion bracket coming down)




Anyways, put your exaust on the bike starting with the bottom first using a 6mm hex key. There's a type of ring / metal heatshield that wraps around the pipe right here from factory.




Not sure the size but the pipe from Amazon fits onto this pipe with the heatshield ring wedged between the two like so:







Then just kind of loosely tighten it until the ring is in a good spot and there are no holes exposed. It helps here to  loosely mount the top of the exaust on the hangar then turn the bike on and hear that BRAP BRAP and feel around for any gaps getting through at the bottom.




Then put the bracket on the new exhaust and use the existing bolt and nut to tighten it. This part also takes some finagling as the rubber tends to slip before it's done being tightened, or the bracket gets misaligned. But once you get it right it's all good to go.


Anyways, once it looks good, tighten the bottom clamp pretty tight and then the top bolt down tight and that's it! Just tighten both and move the exhaust around so there's a good amount of clearance from it and the swingarm.




Some things to note: The clearance from the pipe to the back of where the swing arm starts *is* a little tight, so just keep that in mind. It doesn't look as concerning to me, and after about a week it hasn't moved at all. Works great on the highways and at very high speeds, so that's all I can report atm, but YMMV








Anyways, that's it! It's cheap but it definitely makes a difference in weight reduction.


Link to exhaust sound.  Skip to 00:45 for sound


(Sorry, couldn't rev it that loud because of noise complaints but you get the idea!)


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Hey, i tried this exhaust and i do notice the change in performance very quickly. once you put some throttle in you notice a slight lack of acceleration. I am not sure if anyone has a fix for that.  

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