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Cycra Probend Ultra CRM Handguards.


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Today I installed a pair of these handguards, Cycra Probend Ultra. I think it is an upgrade both in weather and crash section .

So what do you think guys? Anyone running the HRM mount ?


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My bike has not come in yet but I have a set of Cycra Probend Ultra with the HRM mounts that I ordered and I am hoping they work. Which exact model do you have and can you post more detailed photos or angles of your installation. There is literally no good info out there on the correct parts to use or good photos or videos of the installation of said parts. And Cycra states that none of there current probend models will work on the T7. 

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Hi there,

I own cycra probend ultra with crm mounts. No HRM mount.

The installation was not that difficult , except the part , you have to cut those stupid plastic plugs under the indicators  and starters button housing.

All the parts were included with the handguards, I removed the freaky bar ends and stock handguards, cut those silly plastic plugs and tilted a bit down the levers, (tried on a standing position ), everything works fine, but I ll definitely change those drilled stock handlebars.

I ll try to post more pictures later.

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Thanks. This really helps a lot. I will just order the CRM clamps by themselves. Let me know when you post the pics. Would love to have a visual reference. Thanks. Happy riding. 

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Can you send any close up images of the mounts. I was trying to install ta set of ultras last night on the stock Yamaha handle bars and the angle of the mount to the bar are so far out of plane.  I'd have to put some very serious bends in there to make it work since cycra mounts don't articulate. 

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I run the HCM guards on my Husqvarna dirt bike. I also have them installed on my T7.





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Do you have the exact part number for those guards for the T7?  



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