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Removed one 5mm preload spacer. Apparently, one spacer is required to achieve zero preload, spring is too short otherwise.

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7856 km: Tires changed to Anakee Wild with Michelin UHD tubes.


Profile depth front 7.75 mm, rear 10.40 mm.

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9800 km: 10.000 km/6000 mi service, no issues. Oil and oil filter replaced.


10200 km: refreshed ACF-50 for corrosion protection (rear and side panels removed, all frame parts covered, underside of tank covered)

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12900 km: Cleaned & re-greased linkage bearings. Grease had turned red on the two lower bearings (those on the swingarm were fine), obviously some oxidation there. Overfilled all of them, so there's lesser chance for water to creep into again.


Replaced the lower shock bolt for the Racetorx bolt. No deformed shock eyelet etc yet.


Bearing sleeves looked like that (magnification exaggerates the marks):






After cleaning and polishing on a leather strop:






Slightly better perhaps, the parts in direct contact with the bearings itself look quite good.




Installed Ateka linkage protection:20240212_153316.jpg.778b670690819a6e550162a8dc8b80a7.jpg


P.S.: Linkage bearings and bolts were cleaned & greased at 5500 km (1.5 years ago). Held up pretty well over two winters and some very muddy rides, but they haven't seen much rain.

I might do this every autumn and spring now.


Bearings looked like that:





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