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Rack and side pannier - do not match


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Good day to everyone.

Got one question related to original yamaha Tenere side panniers and rack. 

My brand new ones. 

Left one if I want to mount it to the rack - come easily with little push only, however if I wanted to put on right one (the one above exhaust pipe) I have to first use lever in "open" position to make it possible. Otherwise they are not "fit" to the lock.

Is it intentionally done by Yamaha???

I've give it back to the shop and another one has just came - with exactly the same problem.

It is like the distance between lower support and upper "lock" is to low (on panner).



Left pannier need only "push" to be mounted to the rack.

Right one need additionally to "open" opening lever then push pannier against rack and then release lever.

(in my opinion it shall work only with small "push" withoud using opening lever).


Thank you in advance for any reply.


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Mine act as you described. Never has been a big worry for me...

To put it in perspective, at least we don't live in Ukraine.

We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe

~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

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