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I need parts to rebuild my bike


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Greetings. I am a Yamaha Tenere 700 owner in Kenya, East Africa. I was involved in an accident in October 2021. I need parts to rebuild my bike. The entire front end including the complete front wheel, front forks, complete front brakes including rotors and calipers, radiator, rear shock absorber and it's linkage, fuel tank mounting bracket, exhaust pipe headers. Anyone with any of those parts?


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I've got to ask @WAKILI TIMAMHow did you fare out in this "accident"?  Oh, and welcome aboard this fine forum.


Maybe you should think about parting out this wrecked bike and buy a new one with the proceeds.  I would think the frame suffered some damage.  Am I correct?  

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Jambo and Pole Sana @WAKILI TIMAM

without knowing more than the details provided in this post and photo, your best bet is to forget rebuilding this bike. Unless you are 100% certain than the frame, subframe, etc are still true and the bike can run true again. Provided you also have the funds and consider the overall cost.

If you still decide to go ahead and rebuild this bike, then forget eBay for parts or a dealer for new parts. 
find a parts wrecker/salvage yard in Europe or South Africa , closer the better and negotiate buying a whole wrecked bike that has the parts you need or if they can put together all the parts you need. Usually you will save about 50% versus new.

if you decide to buy new parts from a dealer, consider shipping and duties as well.

It’s not a good scenario either way as even if you rebuild, she may never feel the same again.

if you can move on, move on.

if not, salvage or wreckers is your best bet. Google and patience will be your friend.

not much else I can tell you besides this.

when I lived in Kenya. I would have to get all my parts direct from a dealer in Greece  for the bike I had, nothing available on eBay or locally at the time.

when I broke my swingarm in half, I found one on eBay but that was a single part.

luckily the T7 has been in Europe for a few years now and suspect yours is made in France?

best of luck rafiki




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16 hours ago, Landshark said:

I've got to ask @WAKILI TIMAMHow did you fare out in this "accident"?  Oh, and welcome aboard this fine forum.


Maybe you should think about parting out this wrecked bike and buy a new one with the proceeds.  I would think the frame suffered some damage.  Am I correct?  

Following. Sorry

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@LandsharkI unfortunately encountered a VW Tuareg driver who was driving on the wrong side of an elevated dual carriageway which passes over another road in Nairobi Kenya. I squeezed myself to the edge of the left lane scrapping the concrete barrier but he still swerved into my position for a head-on collision. Out of space and options, I managed to jump over the said SUV at the last but upon landing, I sustained some serious injuries with compound fractures on my left leg. I was only wearing a Schuberth S2 helmet, a leather jacket and good leather gloves.


Unfortunately, I was headed home from a client brief and was wearing an official suit underneath the gear with the official trousers and shoes being my only lower body protection (or lack thereof) hence the damage. I haven't recovered up to this point. Suffering a gross non union and preparing for a further major surgical procedure.


Tenere 700s in Kenya are retailing for approximately $20,000USD. I managed to secure the salvage cheaply. My close friends who's an engineer and has been riding his 25 year Tenere which he's been working on in person told me that with parts, this bike will be repaired. The removable subframes are to be replaced as they absorbed the impact as designed. I have managed to get a good number of parts from all over the world and at the moment, I am focusing on the following:


1.  the triple tree, 

2. Tye front forks

3. Complete front wheel

4. Front brake rotors and calipers

5. Rear shock

6. Fuel tank mounting bracket

7. Full exhaust (stock)

8. Bottom part of the engine where the oil sump is. (I might consider the complete engine)

9. Radiator


With those parts, the bike is almost guaranteed to run again. I believe that we've got everything else coming in.


I have a really special bond with this bike as I bought it in memory of my late paternal Grandma and I'd rather fix it and put it in my house as a fully functional piece of art.







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@Lyfe BehindBarsI agree with you. I may NEVER resume riding again unless I make a good recovery. I am at risk of losing the use of the left leg. This was the first T7 on Kenyan soil. I managed to win a Superbike Race event with it on 14th, March 2021 literally a day after doing the break in service. It was 100% stock and the video of the entire race is on YouTube.


This bike is special to me. I intend to keep it after the rebuild. I am counting on the members of the T7 community who replaced stock parts with aftermarket parts. I have received good help and feedback up to this point. I'll give this project everything I have got. I hope to get as much help as possible from this community. I'd rather have the bike running and parked as a work of art rather than see it rotting in its current state. 


This bike will run again Insha'Allah.


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Very sorry to hear about the accident. Ive had my share of accidents in Kenya so I know how these things go. Its always someone else doing something really wrong. Glad that you will still be able to live out your life, at the least. Hope your leg grows old with you.

Looking at the photo again I would bet that the main frame may also be bent. I would really consider getting a new frame. There is simply no way that simply replacing the front end is going to make this bike true again. 

Without going into detail, I have had this experience before (me and my customers), the best option was to replace the frame in all cases. Sub-frames are not critical to the bike being true (straight), the main frame, triple clamps, swingarm, forks and wheels all need to be aligned, if the main frame has the slightest bend in it, the rest, even if new, will all be off and you can try all sorts of methods but it will never be right. Just my mapeni mbili (2 cents)

If you are hoping to get removed parts from other T7 riders, your best best again is to reach out to those closest to Kenya as shipping will be cheaper and your model again is likely made in France which may impact the parts being ordered, not sure what all the differences are, but there are differences between made in France and made in Japan for the North American market T7's.

Best of luck in your quest and your recovery.

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