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Tool Tube on R&G Racing Side Rack


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Tool Tubes - hardly a fresh topic but who doesn't like a good tool tube story? Or maybe it's just me and my tool tube fetish. I've had tool tubes on my last 4 bikes and the T7 was feeling a bit left out. Happened to have a spare Mega Tube looking for a home so why not give it a go.


Since I'm not above promoting vendors who I like doing business with, I buy all my Tool Tube kit from The Tool Tube. From this site you can distinguish the difference between "Mega' and other size tubes.


Can you see it hiding there?



Better from the rear view



A clearer view of the mounting arrangement with the Kreiga OS12 bag removed.



The tube is mounted on the inboard side of the left side R&G Racing side rack. 

I drilled 1 extra hole in the tube mounting flange by the cap (brass colored hex bolt). The flat bracket between the 2 bolts sandwiches the side rack. Note that the location of the brass colored hex bolt is too close to the body of the tube to allow a bolt to be inserted pointing away from the tube, like the other 2 bolts. It's a bit fiddly because you have to hold the nut in place while threading the bolt from the outside in. This is somewhat visible in the next picture. Bolt length matters.

This is the beta install. While I'm happy with the tight and tidy fit, I would like to clean up the install regarding the fasteners so that they all match, are metric, and the outboard-facing ends are rounded.




Tight and tidy fit is great as long as you can access and remove/replace the cap. Just enough room here.



As far as critical clearances go, looks like there is more than enough clearance between the tool tube and the chain guard at full suspension compression. 


I was hoping to put front and rear tire inner tubes in this storage space. Currently, one but not both inner tubes fit. This could be due to having heavy duty tubes or more likely that each tube is packed in a vacuum sealed Food Saver bag (like to keep my tubes fresh don't you know) and not folded in a manner that optimizes this space. It's a nice idea but feeling a bit clumsy at this point. I know you can generally get away with only carrying a 21" spare, but statistically, rears are more prone to flats from road debris. Maybe a good case for trying to go tubeless in the rear, but that's another topic altogether. 


If this tool tube arrangement proves durable, I may have to reconsider my overall permanently-onboard tool/parts organization.

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Hi, could you please tell me about the Kriega OS bag fitment on the R&G racks? Am thinking of OS 18s, i havent got a rear rack just thinking of side racks. Thanks

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On 11/21/2022 at 6:58 AM, ninot7 said:

Hi, could you please tell me about the Kriega OS bag fitment on the R&G racks? Am thinking of OS 18s, i havent got a rear rack just thinking of side racks. Thanks

@ninot7 Here is my post on fitting the Kreiga OS 12 bags to R&G Racing side racks. If you put OS 18s on R&G racks, let us know as I'm considering as that's my first consideration for a "bigger luggage option". Without racks, the Téméré 700 specific Kreiga OS Base should be suitable for the OS bag line. 

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